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The Meal

Presenting our very special film, The Meal. 

The dining table is a place of connection, where stories are told and meals are shared. It is a space to nurture and sustain lives and cultures. In The Meal, four diners who have unique connections with bread share a meal over pão, talking about bread and its intimate connect with Goa. 

The meal (with English subtitles)

The Meal (with Portuguese subtitles)


Fátima da Silva Gracias

Goa based historian with a doctorate in the area of Indo-Portuguese history and author of several books.

2_Chef Floyd Cardoz (1)-min.jpg

Chef Floyd Cardoz

Indian-American chef and winner of Top Chef Masters; Culinary Director and Partner at O Pedro and The Bombay Canteen in the city of Bombay.

3_Prajal Sakhardande (2)-min.JPG

Prajal Sakhardande

Professor of history and

co-founder of

Goa Heritage Action Group.

4_Pedro Novais-min.JPG

Pedro Novais

Portugal born, Goa based; host of The Meal at his ancestral home in Loutolim, south Goa.

Image - Vikas Urs and Adrien Roche

Location sound - Christopher Burchell

Editing - Rikhav Desai

Sound post production - Sanjay Maurya and Allwin Rego

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